Project 2- New York

​Details Coming Soon

Project 4- Operations Middle America

Details Coming Soon

Project 3- A New DC

Details Coming Soon

Project 5- Hello Bitcoin, Hello World

Details Coming Soon

Project 6- Celebrity rehab

TBD- 4th Quarter 2014

Project 7- Network Takeover

​TBD- 4th Quarter 2014

Project 8- CoinFest

TBD- 2015

Project 9- Everyone is Watching

TBD- 2015


Arisebitcoin’sprojects are focused on exposing Bitcoin to users outside of the current community by leveraging various marketing campaigns and exploring untapped demographics. We have a large number of projects in our queue and details will become available as each project develops.
  • Estimated Impacts (Minimum dollar amount to Maximum dollar amount per user exposure) will be provided for each project after it leaves the development stage
  • The impact and deliverable of each project is a direct correlation to the donations and investments we receive
  • Projects are meant to be flexible and adjust with the market and demographic trends. In other words,  project 4 may go live before project 3
  • Community feedback is deeply valued at Arisebitcoin and your suggests may lead to new projects, enhancements of working projects, and the order in which projects are delivered.
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